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Screenguest® is a service layer for cross-organizational, secure and trustworthy data management.

As groups of experts for science and business, we enable tailor-made Digital Transformation.

The Problem

We all know of the importance of data. We all also know that the knowledge it contains is often of a sensitive nature. Nevertheless, it is often very difficult for us to establish a powerful and reliable data management system in our company.

If an optimization within our field of activity is already a challenge, it quickly reaches insurmountable limits in the cross-organizational exchange. The attempt to get different objectives, grown structures, established processes and technical barriers under control often seems hopeless.

What can we do to address the fact that either productivity or reliability, simplicity or consistency, security or usefulness suffer? How can we escape the repetitive cycle of "collecting, extracting, converting, deploying, evaluating and archiving"?

Can we guarantee that the legal framework will be complied with? Have all ethical issues been resolved? Are there alternatives to releasing everything or nothing? Do we have the knowledge, the energy and the time to consider all this?

Thoughts circulate...

The Solution

Our team of experts has the right tools as well as the technical and professional knowledge to make Digital Transformation a reality for you. We reduce the barriers between the participants in your project group, in your company network, in partner organizations and between individual researchers to a minimum. We achieve this by optimizing the flow of information between all participants.

Our security and privacy concepts ensure that you can comply with your data management compliance policies. In addition, we improve productivity and reliability by optimizing data-driven processes.

Use novel concepts like Data Spaces and Data Lakes for your purposes and standardize data management with our help. We organize for you a reliable long-term archiving with everything that is necessary for a future access to your data stocks.

We professionally use the latest tools for cloud management, data science, software development and data visualization.