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Target Groups

The methodological approach of Screenguest® is based on evaluation and support across all organisational levels. Through this permeability, strategic goals can be very well aligned with practical problems.

Leadership & Innovation

Organizations are under ever-increasing pressure to maximize the impact of the technological revolution of recent years (and decades). They face global competition and have to react faster and faster to changes in the market.

Screenguest® provides the management level with a complete insight into the scope, compliance and performance of data management within and across organizations.

Management & Stewardship

Data stewardship is still a relatively young term, but it has quickly gained enormous importance.

Screenguest® helps you to gain insight into cross-organizational data management and to be able to perform your control function.


We help researchers to create and comply with Data Management Plans, the essential tool for planning any research project. We evaluate the feasibility and work with researchers to find specific solutions to ensure excellent research and the best possible benefit.


We help you to make the right choice and to make the best use of numerous technologies. In addition, we optimize the process flow and create suitable interfaces from data preparation to processing and analytics tools.

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